About Us

Our team has over 50 years experience in tech,
marketing, strategy, operations, startups, and development.

Our Founders

The Founders of Kilroy have dedicated their professional lives to building innovative platforms that change how we interact as humans with technology. From building the first MacOS web server eventually acquired by Apple to building one of the first SaaS companies for small businesses, they are always ahead of the curve in seeing where the tech can take us and building to what it can be. 

Combined they have decades of experience building teams, marketing, partnerships, and operations in technology startups and understand how best to position the companies they run for maximum growth.  

Chuck Shotton

  • 30 ys tech VC & start-ups
  • DARPA, NASA, academia, Fortune 500 
  • Venture partner – Safeguard Scientifics funds
  • Has raised and funded millions in tech startups
  • Director, Academic Computing Dept, Univ of Texas Health Science Center
  • Built the first MacOS web server that enabled thousands of the first websites on the Internet.
  • Built Kilroy to facilitate over $200 million in bond products in Europe on Ethereum

Brad Nickel

  • 26 years in tech product management, marketing, & business development
  • In crypto / DeFi since 2015 investing & advising
  • Host of popular Mission: DeFi & DeFi Lunch podcasts
  • 40,000 plus followers on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Founder of successful algo trading tools company
  • 15 yrs experience advising startups
  • Conceived of and built one of the first web-based SaaS platforms
  • Conceived of and built with his team one of the first tabbed browsers
  • Conceived of, built, and signed on the largest printer and copier manufacturers to the network printing standard

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